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What is Zen Theosophy?

For those unfamiliar, Theosophy is the study of Ageless Wisdom. While it has historically been associated with the Theosophical Society founded by H.P. Blavatsky, Theosophy is itself a broader movement which looks at the global picture of spiritual ideas and attempts to synthesize them into a comprehensive system.

Zen Theosophy is specifically centred around pragmatic forms of meditation, either to relieve stress or develop consciousness. We’re not concerned with enormous ideas of cosmology, but with the cultivation of empathy and compassion in ourselves. The world can be a better place if we point our efforts at resolving pain within ourselves and others.

Generally speaking, we promote a healthy lifestyle and a common purpose to help one another.

How are we different from other Theosophical or spiritual groups, then? We don’t try to be. Uniqueness isn’t the point for Zen Theosophy. Practicality is. We aren’t here to suggest alternative healing methods, or worry about psychic phenomenon. We aren’t reading tarot cards or scrying. While any individual can choose to practice whatever methods they want, our focus is meditation and self-development. Trust your doctor, meditate daily, help people to live well.

Zen is the practice of meditation, to develop one’s consciousness or mind, and to engage empathetically with the world. Theosophy is the study of wisdom in order to identify those ageless ideas from past and present. Together, they form a progressive spiritual movement that we invite you to take part in. Through this, we can make a better, kinder world with each other.

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